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aa+d is founded by architects and interior designers to bring global design solutions and local processes together, to suit every building requirement and budget. We all have one planet to care and share, therefore aligning our GOALS with UNSDG  https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/  , we simplify sustainability by partnering with sustainable solution providers in products, water conservation and renewable energy space. 


We focus on low carbon design, through building envelop efficiency, sourcing of local and eco-friendly materials, innovative material specifications, followed by optimum utilities planning, renew-able energy and RWH. Kindly visit for more information https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCukrVixjqn1RRb6XHHo-KJg 


We bring decades of residential, institutional and master-planning project experience from India and USA. We have offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata.



Design is all pervasive. It exists in the smart phone we use, the apparel we wear and the spaces we work and live in. Good design is a combination of  innovation and coordination. Every project is unique, in terms of site, space, project requirements and design goals. A project begins with a dream. We bring the tools for design as a multidisciplinary approach. We progress by aligning the project to design goals. Finally, the building or space that we create is what our client(s) continue to experience and enjoy. 


aa+d provides custom design services through master planning, concept development, building & interior design along with client specific research on sustainability and affordability. We also provide turnkey and project execution services.

why AA+d?

At aa+d we mix global perspectives with local designs, also make sustainability comprehensive and applicable. Every building project is unique and detailed attention is given to each client's design challenge. In aa+d we have a step by step process, to address your requirements. We listen to the client/user requirements, preferences to amenities, inclination to sustainable design. We suggest what is possible through rigorous building code research and client requirements, to develop initial concepts. 


The approved concepts are developed into blue prints with product research, specification and itemised project document. Progress schedules are maintained and shared with all stake-holders. All project milestones are managed till project completion and handover. 

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Urban Life

Mr. & Mrs. Balasubramanian
Eco Friendly Home

March 2022

We signed up for comprehensive team of skilled solution experts.  We are impressed with the intent for harmonious designs which meets present needs while protecting the future. Nice work by team, extremely pleased with the outcome. Kudos to you and your team Arundhati. 


Ashoka - Innovators for the Public
Vishnu Swaminathan 

Leader - South Asia -  March 2015

Arundhati Sett, Architect and Urban Designer, with whom I had closely worked for the “Housing for All” program at Ashoka.


On her return after 10+ years in US, she joined my team as a Project Manager, for the Affordable Housing Rating System.... 


Building Blocks
Mr. James Ambat 
Founder - April 2015

I met Arundhati during a music event at our White Field School. I had mentioned about a building problem we were facing in one of our schools. Arundati was forthcoming in helping out.....

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Association for people with disability (APD)
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Tallam
Trustee, APD

Mr. Mahesh Tallam (APD Trustee) “I have been a client of AA+D through Association of People with Disability.
I would say that the services have been outstanding and delivery of the work has been of high quality...