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Arundhati Sett | (M.Arch, Leed AP) Founding Architect 

Arundhati's expertise is in building design and master-planning. She is an urban design advisor, for MNC funded road safety non-profit. Her focus lies in developing client's vision into concepts and rolling them as successful projects. Arundhati was involved in the California High Speed Rail, 2010 Vision project in City of Palo Alto (USA). She worked for prominent firms in the Bay Area (USA) and was a part of core design teams for schools, auditoriums, colleges, apartments, town-homes and villas.


Arundhati is currently involved in designing residences, institutions, industries and resorts in Bangalore, Chennai and Coorg.  

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Anasua Sett 
Founding Partner, Interior Designer
(Chennai, Kolkata)

Anasua is the senior most partner and Director of Chennai Operations. 

She heads the interior design department for aa+d and supervises projects in Chennai and Kolkata. Anasua is an established artist, singer and choreographer. She developed her own Fashion Accessory Brand. 

Arup Biswas | Chartered Engineer
AA+D Business Advisor 
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Mrunal Ekande | (B.Arch)
Senior Architect, Interior Designer

Mrunal is our Senior Architect and Interior Designer. She has over 15 years of project design and execution experience. Her expertise is in Residential Projects. Developing designs from client's requirements and making them a reality, is her forte. Mrunal is deligent in market research, cutomising elements and delivering through expert team management.

Anamika Garg | (M.Arch, EDGE)   
Sustainable Design Consultant

Anamika brings fresh ideas and expertise of Sustainable Architecture Solutions on board. Apart from being an accomplished Architect and Urban Planner, she is a Design Studio Faculty as well. Anamika has the coveted  EDGE Expert certification. She advises clients who seek sustainable building or interior design for their projects and helps in successful auditing to obtain EDGE certification. 

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Meghna Chatterjee (B.Arch)     
Jr. Architect

Meghna is from Delhi but spent her formative years in Chennai. She brings fresh perspective to designing and 3D visualization. She has a deep interest in conceptualizing spaces. She loves backpacking and is struck by wonderlust when not working. 


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Mayank Porkar | (B.Arch) 
Graphic Design 

Mayank hails from Nasik. Loves to design, figure out details behind components. When he is not working, Mayank experiments with photography and videography. He develops AA+D design in virtual space.